Hi, I'm Eric Luellen, a data science strategist, technologist, product innovator, and serial entrepreneur.

Eric Luellen's Bio:

Eric Luellen is a leader in data science strategies, software development & management, statistics, research methods, and technology implementations across industries. His technical expertise in data science (machine learning, AI & statistics), SaaS/IPaaS cloud services, full lifecycle custom software development. Subject-matter expertise globally applying solutions in economics, finance, data networks, retail, biomedical, and public health. Eric Luellen has pitched and worked with leading organizations in each industry. He superbly communicate complex technical information to non-technical audiences. Extensive experience conceiving, designing, & prototyping solutions for difficult problems – predicting disease from genomes, diagnosis by algorithms, optimizing treatments, out-competing Amazon in ecommerce, etc. Eric Luellen has authored articles and book on data science, globally sought presenter in AI. Two advanced degrees related to data science + 36 credit hours. He has traveled or worked in 34 countries on five continents.

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Eric Luellen's Interests & Activities:

Applying systems and data science, AI and machine learning to challenges in healthcare, fintech, and retail, hiking, adventure travel, and photography.