Hi, I'm Eric Luellen, a data science strategist, technologist, product innovator, and serial entrepreneur.

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Eric Luellen is a technology executive and data science leader who works with e-commerce, education tech, financial tech, and public health organizations to maximize insights and competitive advantages with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Eric believes that data science empowers organizations to achieve unprecedented results, for less cost, and the highest quality service and value. In 22 years, Eric Luellen has founded and grown three technology companies and led technology initiatives in data science and software development, supporting dozens of global organizations, and worked or traveled in 34 countries. Representative projects include: ● Machine learning educational tech - Led the design, development, and release of algorithms to optimize financial aid, and predict student attrition and tuition defaults, and optimize COVID-19 appeals using ensembles of ML algorithms in R (automated ML) ● AI Financial tech - Led the design and development of AI rules-based system for financial planning -- retirement plan options, etc. ● AI Digital health monitoring (Medication adherence & pharmacovigilance) - Led design and development of rules-based AI system for real-time monitoring and notification for predictive medicine - Global finalist for C3 Prize at Stanford MedX and World Technology Award in health and medicine. ● Talent ID - Developed an algorithm to predict the highest performers with 77-97% accuracy using best subset multiple regression ● Nutrition - Developed analysis to identify and plot malnourished children by percentage BMI. ● Trafficking Prevalence - Co-developed research study to measure the prevalence of human trafficking. ● Trafficking Prediction - Developed an algorithm to predict whether or not a person was being trafficked using a comparative ensemble of decision trees, random forest, extreme gradient boosting, logistic regression, and neural networks in R. ● Trafficking Locations - Developed an algorithm to predict which borders had the highest prevalence of trafficking to prioritize border monitoring using Poisson and stepwise regression or ordinal data. ● Fundraising - Developed algorithms to segment donors by behavior using self-organizing maps and predict attrition using random forests and extreme gradient boosting in R. Eric Luellen holds a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree focusing in biostatistics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a Master of Science degree in informatics from Northwestern University, 10 advanced certificates in business, finance, negotiations, and technology from Caltech, Columbia University, Harvard Law School's Program on Negotiations, MIT's Sloan School of Management, and the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, plus 36 credit hours in genomics, virology, infectious disease, epidemiology, psychology, and environmental health from Harvard University. Eric Luellen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal arts, concentrating in economics, from American University. Eric Luellen has been invited presenter or headliner at the World Congress of Bioethics (2020), AI World - Boston (2018), Korean Startup Festival - Seoul (2017), SLUSH Shanghai (2017), StartupBootCamp, China (2017), and Health 2.0 - Seoul (2016). In February 2020, Eric's first data-science textbook -- Beating Amazon: The Machine Learning Guide to Win the E-Commerce War was published by Social Justice Press (www.BeatingAmazon.net). Eric Luellen is a former officer in Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) and the Society for Information Management (SIM). Eric joined the Forbes Technology Council in 2020 and has an online readership in excess of 40,000. Eric is an Eagle Scout and holds a black belt in Isshinryu karate.

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in addition to applying systems and data science, AI and machine learning to challenges in healthcare, fintech, education, and retail, Eric Luellen enjoys hiking, adventure travel, and photography. In 2018, he won an honorable mention for the Neutral Density Photography Award for an aerial landscape of the Greenland ice cap.